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HVAC Maintenance: Reliability and Longevity

When it comes to home upkeep, especially heating and cooling, many homeowners like to cut corners and save money wherever they can. While there are many heating and cooling money-saving strategies, neglecting HVAC maintenance is not one of them. Here are some practical reasons for HVAC maintenance (longevity, reliability and efficiency).

HVAC Maintenance – Reliability

The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to the HVAC world. HVAC units are hard at work constantly heating and cooling your home, and there are many crucial components that need to regularly checked, cleaned, and lubricated so that you can continue living in comfort without interruption. Without HVAC maintenance, reliability is no longer there – however, with HVAC maintenance, reliability is not an issue.

HVAC Maintenance – Longevity

HVAC maintenance ensures that your home has a reliable source of heating and cooling for years to come. Regular HVAC maintenance considerably extends the life of your unit. Without HVAC maintenance, longevity is severely decreased – your unit will fail much more quickly than it would have with proper maintenance – with HVAC maintenance, longevity is preserved (along with most manufacturing warranties).

HVAC Maintenance – Efficiency

You want your HVAC unit to run as smoothly now as it did ten years ago. HVAC maintenance makes sure that your unit is running optimally, which saves you money by keeping the energy bills down. An improperly maintained HVAC unit will work harder and consume much more energy than it has to, which means you are paying more for an inefficient heating and cooling system.

Recap: HVAC Maintenance – Reliability, Longevity, and Efficiency

To summarize, there are three reasons for regular HVAC maintenance (longevity, reliability, and efficiency). If you are not keeping up with your HVAC unit, it may be costing you in the long run!